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Winter Wolf Watch March

March 15-20, 2015

Spaces left: 0
Spring Wolf Watch April

April 25-30, 2015

Spaces left: 2
Spring Wolf Trek

May 3-7, 2015

Spaces left: 1
Autumn Wolf & Elk Adventure

Oct. 3-8, 2015

Spaces left: 1
Autumn Wolf Watch

Nov. 7-12, 2015

Spaces left: 10
Winter Wolf Watch January

Jan. 7-12, 2016

Spaces left: 13

Wolves and grizzly bears are yours to find in Yellowstone National Park with Yellowstone Wolf Guides. We lead guided and other kinds of trips throughout the year, traveling into the best wolf and grizzly habitat in the Lower 48.

Yellowstone Wolf Guides is the husband and wife team of Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston who have been guiding since prior to wolf reintroduction in 1995.

They have been the heart and soul of Yellowstone Wolf Tracker since its inception in 1997. A combined 40+ years of experience in Yellowstone includes scientific research and conservation efforts on behalf of wolves, bison, elk, otters, mountain goats and more.

In addition to guiding in Yellowstone, both currently maintain ecological research at major universities, field courses for colleges and prominent conservation organizations, and on-the-ground efforts that address today's most pressing wolf conservation issues.

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